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Our goal is to provide optimal mental health for everyone in our community.


Cel: 818 455-2152 or 818 8144506

 Maria Leyva

CEO and Founder

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Cinco de Mayo began as a way to celebrate the Mexican Army's victory over France during the Franco-Mexican War in 1862 but has since evolved into an annual commemoration of Mexican culture and heritage.  


Victims of Domestic Violence Support Groups 


Our program is for twenty-six (26) and Fifty-two weeks (52).

Our program’s mission is to help the participants learn how to cope with their emotional trauma and anxiety after living in a abusive relationship.  Throughout their journey in our program, participants will be educated on the following such as: -Fundamental concepts on domestic violence factors-Cultural beliefs-Consequences of emotional trauma that children may experience when they witness abused within the home setting-Consequences of the emotional trauma that children may experience when involved in a family separation-And fundamental education on drugs and substance abuse.  

Domestic Violence is a “learned” behavior, children learn from what they have experienced.