Why supervised, monitor and child exchanges are so important for some cases?

Supervised and supervised visitation and safe child exchanges are designed to ensure that a child can have safe contact with an absent parent without having to find themselves in the middle of conflict or other parental problems.
However, there are also some important benefits for parents. We hope that no one views supervised visits or exchanges as a negative or stigmatized service. It is a tool that can help families through difficult and / or transitional times. Some of the benefits for different family members are as follows:

 For children: Monitoring, supervised visits and safe exchanges allow children to maintain a relationship with both parents, without the stress of worrying about what is going to happen, and to enjoy their time in a safe and comfortable environment without being in the middle of their parental conflict and / or other problems.
 For the custodial parent: 
The children's primary guardian may feel comfortable allowing their children to have contact with their visiting parents. They can feel confident about the child's safety without having to communicate or have contact with a person with whom they are in conflict or by whom they might be afraid or intimidated. Especially when there is a restraining order involved or any history of domestic violence in the relationship.
 For the visiting parent: They can be sure that their contact with children does not have to be interrupted, regardless of personal or interpersonal problems they may have or conflicts with the caregivers of the children. If accusations have been made against them, they can visit without fear of further accusations. Visitation time is coordinated so that both parents do not have any physical or visual contact for their own safety.
 Select the right provider 
*It is often difficult to find someone you both agree on.

*Some parents try to find a monitor they like. Mission Impossible. 

Keep in mind the following ... think about the safety and comfort of your children


Your children should be the ones who choose the monitor. Children need to feel safe, protected and in agreement with the person who will be there with them as a mediator with their parents. It's stress enough for kids to deal with being monitored by a stranger. No visits should be made until children get to know the monitor.


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